When You Know, You Know

How do you know when it is time to bring a coach into your practice and what can they actually do to help? It’s a question many dentists will ask themselves repeatedly before actually doing something about it. 

It’s time to bring a coach into your office, when:

  • You or your team feel scattered and stressed through most of your days
  • You feel that things are slipping through the cracks and you don’t know how to make them better
  • You aren’t sleeping well because you are thinking about the office all night
  • You have a difficult time explaining what you want from your team
  • You are often missing time with your family because you are completing non-chairside tasks 
  • You feel like you are the only one who can solve problems in your practice
  • Your team isn’t on the same page 
  • Everything you try to implement (systems, protocols) never seem clear and rarely ever work out
  • You rehash the same items at every team meeting
  • Your team seems disengaged, without offering solutions to improve the office
  • Your gut says that all of this confusion is costing the practice time and money

What a coach can do to remedy these types of situations in your office and improve your life:

  • Bring your office into line for all industry norm metrics, usually this will allow you feel some financial relief
  • Improve efficiency for all team members so that their days become predictable and run smoothly
  • Will help engage team members in active solutions 
  • Will find solutions that are customized to your office and your patient market
  • Will bring a wealth of expertise and experience, most dentists only know what is happening in their office

Just as dental offices aren’t usually one size fits all, coaches aren’t either. When you are exploring the option of hiring a coach, speak with your dental colleagues and your team members. They may have had some positive coaching experiences that they want to share. You could also check with your accounting and investment advisors; they may have some referrals too. 

Make the phone calls and speak with a couple of different coaches and see who fits with your personality. If a coach doesn’t match with you personally, then the process will be more difficult. When interviewing a prospective coach, you will want to feel that they will be able to relate to your team and encourage change. A coach will want to listen and may ask many questions about your practice. You may or may not know the answers to the questions and you shouldn’t feel bad for not knowing. You will need to get past some personal hesitancy to make those calls and you will feel relieved once you have done that.

With every coach, there is always the question of fees and Return on Investment (ROI). Ensure that your coach is clear and upfront about their fees and if there are any extra fees you may incur in the process. No coach can guarantee an exact ROI but there should be some idea in place from the beginning as to the goals and the process to get there.

When you know it’s time for a coach and you are looking for a customized solution for your practice, I am happy to speak with you, as well, provide referrals from clients.

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