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How to Deal with Appointment Cancellations

In the dental office, patient cancellations can become extremely problematic. While occasional cancellations may be the norm, many offices are experiencing an explosion of cancellations with the sixth wave of COVID. Unfortunately, the COVID cancellations you are currently experiencing leave you with very few options to recover from them in most practices. Right now, to …

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Are your huddles productive and positive?

Many offices have huddles, some have tried huddles and found that they aren’t productive. Following a huddle format will help keep your days running smoothly. You can have your huddle each morning before the patients start or have them midday or the day before – the timing doesn’t actually matter.  What does matter is that …

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Good Schedules Don’t Just Happen

“Good” schedules don’t just happen, they are the result of all the practice management systems running well in your practice. You can’t blame a bad schedule on a particular administrator. Your schedule’s success depends on your new patient flow, treatment acceptance, in-office patient communication, recall program, confirmation protocols, team communication, scheduler rules and team training. …

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