Standard of Care Protocol for Your Hygiene Department-Part 6

Here’s our final piece in our series discussing the complexities of open hygiene time. Last, but not least, let’s look at setting up Standard of Care Protocol.

While every hygienist aims to deliver the best care for the patient, they will have their own interpretation of that care. It is up to the practice to ensure that the care and the message are always consistent.

It is a good idea for your hygiene team to have a hard copy document that reflects the Standard of Care that you want to provide in your practice. It should reflect the periodontal classifications and the practice philosophy around hygiene care. All clinical notes should follow this Standard of Care as well.

If you have a new hygienist join your team or a temporary hygienist fill in for a day, you will be able to provide this document for their guidance, and you will feel confident that the patients are well taken care of.

The purpose of an all-encompassing approach ensures that every provider in the office will deliver uniform care to all patients. The patients must receive the same message, concerning the same condition, no matter who delivers it.

Depending on your office philosophy you may also want to set up electronic monitors to measure some of those markers that you determine most valuable.

Whether you feel challenged by implementing a Standard of Care Protocol in your office, or any or even all of the areas we’ve reviewed in this six-part series  on open hygiene time, then click here.  I’ll be happy to set up a time to speak with you and provide the ideas you need to make your practice succeed!

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