Make Your Mark Week 5

Whenever you are on a plane and you are either held on the tarmac or circling the airport there is a complete lack of control that is felt, as well as the increased levels of stress that comes with that feeling. This is very similar to the way that many of us are feeling right now. Let’s all land safely!

What we do know for sure at this point:

  • The number of COVID cases are levelling off to the point that the government is starting to be able to come up with plans for reopening the country.
  • In the two provinces that have specific dates in place for reopening, dental offices are in the grouping of first businesses to be reopened.
  • Everyone is anxious to get back to work.
  • There will be a new reality for every office and it’s up to you as the leader to lead your team with a positive attitude and be open to change and modification.

What we don’t know at this point:

  • What will the restrictions be from the RCDSO for new IPAC regulations?
  • Will there be a restriction on procedures that are able to be performed?
  • Will the email from the RCDSO stating that a room must remain closed for three hours if a hand piece has been used before it is cleaned still be in place when the offices are re-opened?

What we can plan for at this point:

  • We can think out many scenarios so that when we do have the opportunity to re-open, we will have the ability to know our options for certain items.
  • We can plan that our businesses and our patient interaction may look very different. Providing VIP Five Star service for every single patient interaction will be of utmost importance. This is all encompassing, all team members must be able to provide this, there can’t be any cracks in the sidewalk at this juncture.
  • We can speak with others, hear their opinions so that we will be educated in all areas/opinions of treatment and patient management.

Like many of you I have spent many more hours each week on my computer and social media than I ever have.  I am always attracted to posts from other management consultants and there has been an increase under the subject of “What I Miss” or “What I will do When COVID is over.”  On three different lists that I have seen from Canada and the States, get my teeth cleaned/go to the dentist has been listed. Let’s hope those sentiments are reflected by the rest of the population.  What does your list look like?

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