Make Your Mark Week 11

Most dentists are settling into their practices this week and starting off slowly working to integrate the new COVID protocols with their team and their patients. Many offices are holding off on their hygiene programs for a few weeks to ensure that there isn’t an initial overwhelm in their office. After a few weeks everyone will be used to the next normal and you will be starting to think about your previous goals and how can you make them happen again.

As a business owner you need a plan to achieve success. Your goals will help shape your plan. If your goal is to produce enough to cover your monthly bills (this should be your lowest level goal) then you will always work to that and may not ever go further. If your goal is larger you will achieve more. Research has repeatedly shown that the act of setting a goal is the first in the small steps to achieving your goal.

I would like you to go back to the basics on goal setting when you are ready to start thinking about this part of your comeback. Below are my reasons to set goals and the ways to achieve them.

Five Reasons to Set Goals

Setting goals is the GPS to attaining your success. If you don’t set the goals, you won’t know where you are going.

  1. If you don’t measure something you don’t know how you are growing
  2. Will let you live your dreams and not settle for whatever comes across your plate
  3. Higher achievers have higher visions and better success
  4. Setting Goals will allow you to stay on your purpose
  5. Provides accountability and vision to the entire team

Five Ways to Set Goals

Setting your goals with clarity will allow you to reach them with more ease:

  1. Set your goals big, with detailed steps to get there, it is easier to climb a ladder with many small steps then with a few huge leaps
  2. Put a time frame on each step in your goal
  3. Celebrate all of the small wins along the way
  4. Share your goals with your team, not necessarily with a dollar figure but with ideas like we need 2 more hygiene patients in each day
  5. Goals should always be shifting and changing, reaching the same goal every month is maintenance not growth

Quick tip: Base your goals on dentists and hygiene hourly billing, chair capacity and current open time. Then choose a realistic percentage of growth, work towards it by setting out your small steps along the way.

If you want to remove setting new goals from your “to do” list, then connect with me and I will be happy to help you.

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