Is your website helping or hurting your Practice?

Have long has it been since you last reviewed your website? A minimum of 85% of your new patients will look at your website prior to their visit to your office. In today’s world your website is a true reflection of who you are. Will they feel they are in good hands and pick up their phone or click to book an appointment when they open your website?

Some points to consider when reviewing your website to ensure that prospective patients don’t hesitate to contact your office:

  1. Update the look and content of your website every two years at a minimum. In our fast-changing digital world what looked cutting edge a few years ago could look dated quite quickly. Having personal pictures on your website is a great first way for patients to connect with the team before they even come to the office. If you decide to post team pictures as well as your own picture, then post them as single pictures so that it is easy to revise the website if there are any team changes. For your own picture ensure that you keep it fairly current as well as any personal information you may have added. Even better for patient connection, than a personal biography of yourself is having a short video of you describing your practice philosophy that your patients can click on before coming to the practice. 
  1. Have your website set up by a company that has done other dental sites. You want to be sure that you keep with any guidelines from your licensing body. There is a plethora of companies out there that will provide you with a template for a website, the only problem with some of these companies is that if a patient is shopping around for a new dentist, they may notice that these websites are very easy to pick out. The best suggestion is to find a company to work with, that will listen to you and be able to reflect your philosophy into your website. Look at it through the eyes of the patients that you want to attract to your practice and ask the question, “Can I see myself being treated in this practice?”
  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a job always left to the experts. Having your SEO done well, will ensure that your practice name is higher in the list for practices in your area. Go onto a computer that you have never used before and Google: Dental practices in my Area. If your practice isn’t in the top three you will want to address this issue.
  1. Ensure that any information on your website is current. Whether it is your office policies, services offered, team members or forms it is all important so that your current and prospective patients have a reference. 
  1. Ensure that your website is set up both for viewing through cell phones as well as computers. This means that your forms and your contact information are all linked for quick connection to your office.
  1. If your patients are able to send appointment or information requests through your website, please ensure that this email address is regularly monitored through the business day to answer the patient request promptly. If your website uses a chatbot (the Artificial Intelligence way to answer patients questions online) ensure that the chatbot information is regularly updated and feedback is reviewed with your team.

Contact your website designer immediately if you reviewed your website and you were hesitant to answer yes to the question “Would this website, make me want to call this practice?” If you want a change in your website, connect with me and I will be happy to offer you some companies to contact. Put your best face (website) forward at all times. 

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