Is Your Software Helping You? Part 4

Here’s part four in our series exploring hygiene open time…let’s talk about software.

Thankfully, software companies design their products to be user-friendly. But we can easily get stuck in the rut of becoming too comfortable with software, using it no further than the way we were last trained. Although your team may be able to navigate the software easily, is it being utilized to obtain the best results for the practice?

Software is designed to sort, build resources, and develop lists based on the information we provide. If we don’t provide consistent information, the lists won’t be accurate.

Inconsistencies commonly appear when contacts for following hygiene appointments aren’t made (pended), or ‘work to do’ lacks consistent description. Without this electronic information, in both scenarios, the patient’s next needed appointment is virtually lost. We can’t expect the software to sort inconsistent information and give us consistent lists to use in our practices.

If your team is using printed lists to contact patients due to inaccuracies in the computer list, then it’s definitely time to focus on the information entering the computer. There isn’t software out there that can’t provide you with accurate lists for patients who are due and not scheduled, or who are past-due their hygiene intervals.

Wondering if you’re getting the most out of your practice software? We’d be happy to give you feedback, just click here.

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