Fine-tune Your Dental Advertising Campaigns With Dedicated Landing Pages 

If you’re shelling out thousands of dollars on advertising, you expect it to yield results. After all, what’s the point of paying for 1000 clicks that go to your website if none of them convert into patients sitting in your chair? It’s not just a waste of money, it’s a problem that needs to be addressed. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution to this common frustration – increasing your conversion rates. According to Webistry, a leading digital marketing agency based in Montreal, one of the best ways to do this is by using dedicated landing pages in your pay-per-click campaigns. Not only can this help you make a bigger impact with your existing budget, but it can also help you turn those clicks into real, paying patients.

Landing Page Basics

What is a Landing Page for Dental Marketing? 

Landing pages are standalone pages, separate from your website, that will act as a sales tool to convert a user into a patient inquiry. Why not use your website? The answer is because your website is static. It can’t adapt its messaging and content to the user’s unique needs. A landing page on the other hand does exactly that. 

A landing page also presents all the information that makes your clinic special in an easy-to-skim, visually pleasing manner. Something most websites fail to do.

When a potential patient searches for dental services online, they will likely go to a search engine, like Google, and submit a query. The query is an indication of what service that particular user is looking for; for example, “root canal dentist near me”. When you serve an ad to that user, addressing their query, it is imperative that the user’s post click experience addresses their search. 

This is where dedicated landing pages play an integral role in increasing conversion rates. Where service pages on your website are content heavy and filled with paragraphs of text, landing pages are persuasive and interactive. They are designed to engage the user, objection-handle and answer any questions the user may have in a very visually appealing way. 

What is a Conversion Rate? 

The conversion rate (CVR) refers to the percentage of users that click on an ad and proceed to contact your office by calling or filling out a form.  In the case of marketing for dental offices, conversions refer to inquiries generated.

How Landing Pages Increase New Patient Inquiries

The Power of Hyper-Relevant Landing Pages

Think of a website like a retail storefront. A client could enter your store and browse for a while but never make a purchase. With so much to explore, they can get distracted by all the displays, products, and prices. The same goes for your website, which is built to provide as much information as possible but does not address the user’s specific need.

Your landing page is your salesperson. Like a salesperson, your landing page is targeting the client’s particular needs. By creating a hyper-relevant landing page, you’re able to drive segmented traffic to a place that only addresses what they came in for in the first place.

A well-designed LP will:

  • Express the unique selling proposition (USP) of this product or service.
  • Explain the service, giving details to address client needs. 
  • Dissuade pain points or reasons for hesitation. 
  • Establish trust using authority or social proof.  
  • Include a single call-to-action, throughout and at the end. 
  • The landing pages will do all of the above in a visually appealing way and without forcing the user to read a ton of text.

Seamless On-Page User Action 

When you’re paying for traffic, you know exactly what the user is looking for. A landing page is an opportunity to provide a user experience that is both quick and concise. It encourages on-the-spot inquiries. This means that you can achieve more patient inquiries for the same traffic.

Increased Testing Agility

A continual testing process for paid media is highly recommended. Unlike websites, which require a lot of developer work, dedicated landing pages allow for higher test agility, which means finding wins more efficiently. 

Tip of the Iceberg 

Dental landing pages are just one of many ways to get innovative and improved results in the modern digital marketing landscape without having to increase your ad budget. There are so many new topics, trends, tools, and platforms to navigate that can bring your dental practice the growth you’re looking for in 2023! 

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