Creating Your Dream Team

Creating your dream team is possible, most dentists do a good job of hiring the right people, the problem usually is that there isn’t supportive coaching to create the dream team. Hiring a good team member isn’t enough, they need protocols, training plans, goals and a thoughtfully created culture to thrive.

I have ten suggestions when creating your dream team:

  1. You will need to know exactly what your practice goals are. This will include your production goal, what kind of practice you want, what kind of patients you want and what kind of culture you want for your team. I like to follow the adage if  you take care of your team, your team will take care of the patients and the numbers will follow.
  • Define the policies for your practice by having written protocols and guidelines so that your team and your patients know what to expect from you and what you expect from them.
  • Create plans to reach these goals. This may include an internal and external marketing plan, setting in place HR “best practices”, a bonus plan, continuing education or training that is needed in the office. You may want to consider a coach to help you complete these goals.
  • Institute well run team meetings on a regular basis to increase efficiency and productivity through better communication.
  • Having productive huddles, preferably a day in advance will help communication in the office for appointment coordination, patient preferences and outstanding treatment discussions.
  • Ensure that you are thanking your team members both privately and publicly. Acknowledging their efforts daily can change an office culture quite quickly. There is nothing better than positive public feedback.
  • If you need to provide negative feedback then please ensure that it is being done privately, preferably behind a closed door.
  • Many offices have bonus plans that if they are effectively designed, will be an incentive for team to reach the office goals. If the team sees the bonus as part of their regular pay without reaching to the next level, then the bonus system won’t be effective. Your team need to be paid competitively for their daily work and rewarded when they go beyond for the patients and the practice.
  • Always set a positive tone for the practice. Even if things are going in the wrong direction remain positive with the team. Both positivity and negativity are infectious, keep the positivity flowing even if you aren’t feeling it. If your current plan isn’t working then come up with a change yourself or ask the team for their input, you may be surprised at some of the suggestions they have.
  1.  Always be clear and concise with any direction you provide in the office. Ensure that there is follow up and accountability for every plan and protocol in place. You can’t just provide a plan and never follow up on it again.

After reading this blog you may feel that the pressure of creating the dream team is all on you and you would be correct. Being a great leader takes hard working, planning and usually reliance on a coach. Be the person who makes these decisions to move your team forward by supporting them fully in their growth.

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