3 Keys to Improve Your Practice’s Systems

Every office has systems, some offices may even have several systems for the same task, that different team members have instituted for themselves. Obviously, you feel that your systems are working fine because you’re able to get through every day, see patients and everyone feels that the office is managing. That gut feeling that you could be doing better, would be the reason for you to ask everyone to change to a system, that, during the learning curve may ruffle some of the team’s feathers.

See if your systems fit into all three categories below:

Category One – Your systems need to provide clarity for all. If you don’t have clarity in the systems in your practice, it’s like giving your team an item from Ikea and asking them to assemble it without the accompanying pictures. Your systems need to be customized systems that are documented so that every team member is using the system the same way, all of the time. Most often I find that many offices have a mish mash of systems that team members brought with them from the other offices that they worked in. Yes, a system may have worked at one office, but it may not fit in with your office or your software may be reading information differently. You need to be wary of systems that are “brought” from other offices. Being able to look at your systems with an objective eye is sometimes very difficult because it may mean that you need to make a change which isn’t always a comfortable choice to make. Having an outsider provide you with an operational assessment of your practice should provide you with recommendations of how to clarify your office systems.

Category Two – Your systems need to support an increase in productivity when you make the decision to set goals for your business. These systems will take all of the guesswork out of the process. A new system should ultimately decrease stress in the office as it will streamline everyday tasks with all team members knowing exactly what will happen through the day. It is difficult for your team not knowing how their day will flow, will they be completing a task this way or that way. Once your team gets used to a new system they will go home at night and realize how much easier their day and consequently their job have become.

Category Three – Your systems need to have accountability, to help you and your team evaluate their effectiveness, modify the system if necessary and ultimately be able to measure and improve. Your team needs to be aware of their part in the growth and exactly what is expected of them to get there. They need the teaching resources and then a way to measure their growth. This accountability should be available in their detailed job descriptions and can be reviewed during their performance reviews. If a financial review is going to occur, then the measured results may play a part in any financial increase they receive.

Consistency in growth is the key to long term success, having a steep initial increase and then plateauing for a few years will not sustain your practice in the long run. Efficient customized systems will provide your practice with steady proven growth for many years. When I am instituting customized systems for your practice, you will find that your office will be left with systems and knowledge to continue to grow long after my time with you is completed.

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