What is the ROI of Hiring a Dental Practice Coach?

When I speak with a prospective new client, the conversation inevitably comes down to what is the Return on Investment (ROI) for having coaching for the office. The response relies on a few different components.

The first point to consider, is there are three levels of offerings in my coaching programs and each has a different expected outcome:

The first level of offering is found on my website and my weekly blog. I cover a plethora of topics and there are always suggestions for changes in systems that you can implement on your own into your practice. These suggestions may be implemented by you and if your support systems are in place you will find that these implementations may be helpful.

The second level of offering that I provide is Growth Performance Coaching. This program has been developed as a remote offering that is designed to last over a six- month period with two coaching sessions a month that are one on one with the owner and perhaps the office manager. There is a complimentary mini assessment completed in advance of commencing coaching and a detailed discussion of existing systems in the practice. At each scheduled coaching session there will be one subject covered that will offer detailed direction for increasing your practice production and getting you closer to achieving your goals and setting higher goals. Detailed notes will follow along with check-ins as you implement the new systems designed for your office. The fees for this program are very reasonable and you will likely see an ROI from the first month if you implement the systems suggested and support it with your team. This is designed for the owner who wants to be hands-on with growing their practice.

The third level of offering that I provide is Peak Performance Coaching. This follows a more traditional line of customized coaching. The initial step is a full assessment of your office and the current systems being utilized by your team. There is a nominal fee for the assessment, the assessment is necessary to determine what kind of coaching your practice needs and areas where you would see an ROI. Once the assessment is completed a full report is provided along with recommendations for change for areas where your practice may not be meeting industry norm. Depending on the needs of your practice, visits would be in person either monthly or biweekly. The systems would be introduced, explained to the team members along with the reasons for change. I would then be responsible for their implementation in your practice along with your teams accountability for their follow through. These projects can be anywhere from three to twelve months long. The ROI on these projects is quite high and the results last long after coaching is completed. Fees are variable depending on the scope of the project.

The second point you need to consider for your success with any type of coaching is the team’s willingness to accept change which will require support from you. By this I mean that if you as the leader are positive about change then your team will follow. Never be afraid of coaching because of your team’s attitude, it is natural that they will follow you, so it is your attitude that is most important.

I am always happy to provide testimonials from current and past client’s; my website has some and I have others I am happy to share. I am proud of the results that my clients are able to achieve when during coaching and beyond.

Getting started is easy, a phone call or an email with your questions is the best place to begin.

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